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Buy Two Speakers, Get a Free Subwoofer

Buy Two MartinLogan Electromotion ESL Floorstanding Speakers, Get a Free Subwoofer (see here)

MartinLogan DYN500D Dynamo 500 Subwoofer (Black)
MartinLogan DYN500D Dynamo 500 Subwoofer (Black)  
 Price: $495.00 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details

MartinLogan - The Great American Speaker Company

Since 1983 MartinLogan, the great American speaker company, has hand-crafted high performance electrostatic speakers. Their award-winning designs, advanced technologies, and outstanding customer service have long made MartinLogan's amazingly detailed speakers a must have for home theater and music lovers around the world.

Dynamo 500 in a home setting
Dynamo 500 Subwoofer: Affordable Low-Frequency Accuracy

No other subwoofer offers Dynamo 500's bass extension, power, and detail at such an affordable price. Perfect for either home theater or stereo applications, the Dynamo 500 is solidly built with high-density materials to minimize cabinet resonance and provide a foundation for the high-output 10-inch woofer and high-current 120-watt RMS, 360-watt peak amplifier. Additionally, dual rear-mounted low-turbulence ports maximize bass output while minimizing port induced distortions.
Whether you are looking for high performance bass to enhance your music experience or take your home theater system to the next level, a new Dynamo family subwoofer should be at the top of your list.

Dynamo 500 features a 10-inch aluminum cone
high-resolution front firing woofer
Under the Hood: Making Sense of Subwoofer Technology

10-Inch Low-Distortion Woofer
Dynamo 500's high-resolution driver combines a 10-inch polypropylene cone with a high-intensity magnet structure to achieve huge excursion and output capability without sacrificing detail. By eliminating cone flexure, even at long voice-coil excursions, Dynamo 500's advanced-technology bass driver achieves the very low distortion necessary for proper blending with MartinLogan ATF (Advanced Thin Film) and electrostatic speakers.
120-watt (360-watt peak) Amplifier
Dynamo 500's amplifier belongs to a recently-developed class of switch-mode designs that incorporate a variety of innovative techniques to reduce noise, distortion, and heat to the lowest possible levels. In particular, the switching frequency is much higher than in typical subwoofer amplifiers of this type, providing a tremendous true 120 watts continuously with extremely low distortion.
Dual Low-Turbulence Ports
Ports are a convenient and cost-effective way of increasing low-frequency output. Dynamo 500's dual low-turbulence ports are carefully designed to provide superb low-end efficiency while minimizing port induced distortion.
High-Density Cabinet Construction
Dynamo 500's high-density cabinet is carefully designed to minimize cabinet-induced resonances and provide an ideal baffle for linear operation of Dynamo 500's long-excursion 10-inch low-distortion woofer.

Dynamo 500 connection and control panel
Taking Control: Flexible Inputs and Controls Make All the Difference

Seamless System Integration - Engineered for Stereo and Home Theater
Dynamo 500's connections and controls are designed to enable easy, seamless integration with any stereo music or multi-channel home theater system. Its main left and right line-level inputs feed into a precision low-pass filter with a cutoff frequency variable from 50 to 200 Hz. For systems in which a surround processor supplies the crossover, Dynamo 500 provides an LFE input low-pass filter switch that completely bypasses its internal filters.

The Final Breakdown: Technical Specifications

Frequency Response:29-200 Hz ±3dB; Anechoic through LFE effects input

Low Pass Filter Frequencies:50-200Hz

Low Pass Filter Switch:Bypass (LFE In), Variable (Left and Right In)

Phase:0°, 180°

Woofer Type:10" (25.4cm) high excursion, polypropylene cone with extended throw drive assembly, ported

Amplifier:120W RMS, 360W (peak)

Inputs:Left and Right/LFE RCA line level

Input Impedance:20,000 Ohms

Weight:28.5 lbs. each (12.9 kg)

Dimensions (HxWxD):14.69" × 13" × 15.27" (37.3 × 33 × 38.8 cm)

MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL Hybrid Electrostatic Loudspeaker (Black, Each)
The ElectroMotion ESL represents a bold new direction for electrostatic loudspeaker design. Featuring a full-sized 34-inch tall curvilinear XStat electrostatic transducer and a superbly integrated high-performance woofer, the new EM-ESL performs more like a mini-flagship than an entry level audiophile speaker. Designed for both 2-channel music enthusiasts and those seeking the worlds most articulate and dynamic multi-channel home theater systems, the EM-ESL is the most compelling 'affordable' audiophile-grade speaker ever brought to market. 

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Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer

Powerful sound and an easy-to-place wireless subwoofer distinguish the Sony HT-CT550 sound bar. Three HDMI inputs offer flexibility and future-proof with 3D pass-through. Easy operating features include BRAVIA Sync unified control3 and BRAVIA Widget4 on-screen interface with compatible Sony televisions. HDMI standby pass-through and Audio Return Channel1 are also included. this sound bar features the BRAVIA Widget on-screen interface for easy control with compatible TVs.
Sony HT-CT550W
2.1-Channel Sound Bar System with HDMI 3D Pass-Through
The fast and easy way to add great sound to any HDTV, this sound bar matches the design of Sony televisions and is the perfect complement for 40" and larger televisions. With HDMI 3D pass-through capability, enjoy 3D Blu-ray Disc movies, video games, and other 3D content with compatible players and HDTVs. HDMI standby pass-though lets you conveniently access all your HDMI sources without having to power on the sound bar.
Connect three HD sources via HDMI and easily switch between them. HDMI connections combine the quality of pure digital-to-digital signal transfer with the simplicity of a single connection for audio, video and control.
#1 Home Audio Brand
3D Surround Sound with HD Audio Decoding
Using Sony's S-Force Surround technology, the HT-CT550W can deliver simulated surround sound from just the bar and the subwoofer. You get a powerful surround sound effect without the need to connect multiple speakers throughout the room. And the latest HD audio decoding lets you experience theater-like sound in your home with Dolby TrueHD and dts Master Audio HD enhanced audio.
Wireless Subwoofer
Place the subwoofer just about anywhere in the room. Sony's clever input/output box enables the sound bar to offer both a wireless subwoofer and HDMI connections to other equipment.
BRAVIA Sync Capable
Conveniently operate and control select Sony BRAVIA Sync devices with one remote including: Sony Blu-ray Disc Players, BRAVIA HDTVs, Sony home theater products.( See all Product Description )

Sony 300-Disc Mega-Storage CD Changer / Player + Sony HD Digital Cinematic Sound 770 Watts 7.1 Channel 3D A/V Receiver with iPhone & iPod Dock + Yamaha Natural Sound Custom Install In-Wall 3-Way 120 watts Speaker (Set of 4) with 1" Silk Soft Swivel Dome Tweeter, 2" Swivel Midrange & 6.5" Cone Woofer + 100ft 16 AWG Speaker Wire + HDMI Cable

169 of 170 people found the following review helpful:
5.0 out of 5 stars Great Sony 3D Soundbar
As usual another great Sony Sound Bar; Excellent value for the price; Loaded with technology to handle all the latest multichannel audio technologies Dolby, DD+, DDTrue HD, DTS etc. and 3D pass-through.

After reading the mixed reviews I was a bit nervous about installing this sound bar. However, now that I have it connected and configured correctly with my new...

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Published 6 months ago by LDB

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24 of 29 people found the following review helpful:
3.0 out of 5 stars Okay
I just purchased and received this sound bar from Amazon. I've only had it for 1 1/2 days, but I've watched a movie with it, tested it on others, listed to music, etc. Below are the primary pros and cons:

HDMI inputs
Wirless sub

Sub lacking in power (sound)

I like Sony products, but my biggest problem with this...

LDB (Florida) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
As usual another great Sony Sound Bar; Excellent value for the price; Loaded with technology to handle all the latest multichannel audio technologies Dolby, DD+, DDTrue HD, DTS etc. and 3D pass-through.

After reading the mixed reviews I was a bit nervous about installing this sound bar. However, now that I have it connected and configured correctly with my new 3D TV, I couldn't be happier. I found I can crank-up the volume on the sound bar and experience deep sub-woofer bass to very respectable levels aka, really loud and punchy with the ability to hear all the intended sound-track goodies.


Really big sound with deep sub-woofer punch not bad at "simulating" surround-sound affects)
Quick & easy setup. As already mentioned below it truly takes longer to unpack it than to connect to your TV and blu-ray player
Attractive slim sound-bar design with a wireless sub-woofer (note: SW needs to be placed near an AC outlet--other than that you can move the S/W around the room as you like)
Handles all the latest multichannel audio technologies that come with your blu-ray disks to include all the different Dolby Digital and DTS audio signals
Three HDMI ports and one HDMI out; so you can easliy pass all your equipment through the Receiver, includes and optical port as well


Because it's so easy to setup--I think some may fail to read the manual resulting in a less then optimal configuration and sound effect
I went to two local retail stores to hear this system before I ordered it from Amazon. It sounded horribly weak with no bass in both store demos UNTIL at the last store I asked if we could adjust the AMP menu settings.
If you use something other than high-speed HDMI cables I don't think you can experience all this system has to offer
(I agree with below reviewer comment) Separate Receiver may cause issues for wall mounted TVs

Here's what I found worked for me:

Use newer standard HDMI high-speed cables only--that means newer 1.3 or any 1.4 1.4 includes ARC support HDMI cables not expensive HDMI cables just the new high-speed cables).

Turn off the Linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM) on the Audio Out on your Blu-ray player or game system. Instead select "Bitstream" for Audio Out on the devices you connect to your Sound Bar.
Your satellite, cable, or over-the-air box/signal may not broadcast Dolby Digital or DTS sound tracks some of the time depending upon the program (don't blame this on the sound bar). During these broadcasts you may experience lower quality sound. Use a blu-ray player and blu-ray disk to test this systems sound capabilities)
Take time to understand the AMP menu on the receiver. Read the manual ;-)--this is where the right settings make all the difference between a lousy sound-bar experience and what you expected when you bought this sound-bar.
And finally, Turn Off your TV speakers when you want to use this system. If you leave your TV speakers on and use the sound bar at the same time then you might hear that horrible "thin" hollow sound I heard some complain about

Try these Amp Menu Settings on the receiver decrease the SW or Bass if these settings sound too low/deep for you):

Level: CNT +4, SW +6
Tone: Bass +5 or 6, Treble +3
Audio: Dual Mono: Main/Sub

Other Receiver settings:

DRC: Off
Sound Field: Movie

Note: For really BIG sound--try increasing the master volume +15 on the Receiver (independently) before you sync the TV volume with the Receiver Volume.

5.0 out of 5 stars Love this Sony, for its Sound, HDMI inputs & price, July 27, 2011
SP - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
After a lot of research on Speaker system in general and about this product, I decided to give it a try. So far I am very happy with the purchase. I live in an apartment with living room size of around 20x20. So adding a high end true surround sound system (as many experts would suggest) was not in my plan. So I decided to get a soundbar system (which many experts frown upon), for the compact, portable and decent sound which was sufficient enough for my Apt. I am already a Sony TV/BD player owner and so the first choice was this product. It is very easy to setup. And the biggest draw for me this product (other than being Sony product to match with my TV/BD) was it has 3 HDMI inputs. In its class, I believe this is one of the products that gives 3 HDMI input which is good enough to hook up my Cable, BD & Media player. All the Cable, BD or PS# etc. HD output goes into the receiver and there is one output to TV HDMI in. So you don't need to change TV input, only the receiver input changes. Also there is a optical cable provided to connect the TV audio output back to receiver in case you use another component connected directly to TV instead of the receiver. Also once the reciever is turned on, the TV audio is automatically muted and the vice-versa, which is a very convinient feature, say if you like to just have TV speakers and not the big sound from this system when it is real quite. The wireless subwoofer setup is very easy, didn't have to configure anything. It was plug & play. Only issue is the wireless subwoofer needs power, so even its wireless, you still need to put it close to a power source. Another advantage I saw using this is if you are Sony TV/BD owner, you could use Sony Bravia to configure it as unified remote. This is very convenient and have instructions in manual to configure it. But I am a Logitech Harmony One remote user and haven't tinkered with Bravia. Logitech configuration was very easy with this product being listed on their system. The subwoofer I thought didn't have that big an effect at first, but when I increased the treble & bass, it seemed to be alright. Again this is not a true surround system, but still the sound ofcourse will be much better than TV speakers for sure. It also depends on one's room configuration since I read (on AVS forum) that you need furniture or other objects for the sound to reflect upon to get some sense of surround sound. There are multiple sound modes available - Movie, Music, Std, News, Sports etc. which enhances the sound output accordingly which I truly like. Have seen an instance where the picture/sound had mismatch, but you have an option to do an Audio Sync in the system. Once you turn is on, haven't seen it after that. The best experience I had has been watching BD movies. Truly enhances the sound quality and able to see the full vibrancy in this mode compared to others. Overall I am very happy with the product and would recommend. Of course the decision to get a audio-system depends on so many factors from the budget, size of room, existing system etc and once you jump into audio expert forums like AVS, they can bring in more clarity with their advise.
5.0 out of 5 stars Big sound for a moderate price, June 16, 2011
George - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
I purchased this Sony HT-CT550W Sound Bar to go with my 55" Sony Bravia KDL-55NX810 3D TV, and I'm glad I did. For those of you with a newer Sony TV, I would recommend this Sound Bar not only for it's big and full sound, but for it's compatibility with Sony TV's as well.

My Sony TV has the speakers in the back, so the sound reflects off the wall and is hardly an ideal location for optimal sound. Since I have a smaller family room, only 14' or so with an opening to the kitchen on one side, a wired setup was not going to work well. This Sound Bar allows me to mount the speaker on the wall or under the TV and to place the subwoofer anywhere in the room. This really cleaned the look of my family room up and really stepped up the sound. I wasn't expecting much since it's not a 5.1 system, but it almost feels like one with the way the speaker is engineered. Sound seems to envelop you when you are sitting on the couch, and the subwoofer is loud and punchy. I've listened to several stations on Slacker radio through my TV and the bass is great. I'm not sure why the other review said the subwoofer was muffled sounding, but it is quite loud and punchy for me. My biggest worry on this was if the subwoofer would be clear and punchy, and it really is. The speaker looks like it actually has 6 speakers inside, so the crossover can separate the mids from the highs. Everything is routed through the main box, which also has FM capability. The nicest thing is the Bravia Sync, which lets me use my TV remote to control sound, power, and other aspects of the speaker. So far I'm very pleased with this Sound Bar, and Amazon had by far the lowest price. Don't be intimated by other reviews, I've listed to the Polk Audio, Boston Acoustics, an Samsung, and so far this is the best I've heard.

Clear audio from center speaker
Loud with little distortion
Attractive speaker
Wireless Sub
Bravia Sync
FM radio

Subwoofer could be a little more tight, but very good already - not a real concern
Manuals list impedance at 3 ohms...really? QC your website Sony

Overall: Highly Recommend

5.0 out of 5 stars Perfect for the average room, September 27, 2011
Dan O. (Los Angeles, CA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
Purchased earlier this week, I am blown away by the latest gen Sony soundbar. I admit, I was apprehensive when I purchased it because there are so many soundbars to choose from. I did my homework and read reviews of all of them and listened to a few (including the Bose and Samsung). I decided on the Sony because of the technology, sound and value.

Technology: It has it all - wireless subwoofer, enough HDMI ports to connect all your devices, 3D compatibility and even an FM tuner. The FM tuner works amazingly and comes in very clear. Moreover, you can perset up to 20 stations and even name them. The soundbar works flawlessly with the TV apps (I have a smart TV with apps) and connecting my iphone is a breeze. Note - iphone control is manual (no iphone dock available) but it works fine with the soundbar. None of my other wifi enabled devices (including internet) were impacted by the soundbar - which I read could happen with other soundbars like the harmon kardon SB16.

Sound: Out of the box the soundbar sounded very good but I wasn't blown away. It sounded like I expected. But once I changed the presets it sounds fantastic. Read the manual and change the presets! It took me 10-15 minutes to figure it out. Turn the presets all the way up +6 for bass, subwoofer and center channel (only these three options can be changed) and be ready to love what you hear. I don't dare to turn the volume up to the max because it's too loud! The bass shakes the room (12 x 18 feet) and if I do turn up the volume when listening to music or a movie I actually turn the bass and subwoofer presets down. There are also multiple sound channels including movie, drama, sports, news and music which work very well.

Value: For $329 on Amazon including free shipping you can't beat it. Some soundbars sound better (Harmon Kardon SB16) but lack the technology and some may be cheaper but you get for what you pay for. I plan to enjoy this system for years to come.

Other info: Be sure to use the high speed HDMI cables (version 1.4) which cost about $10 bucks each on amazon. The FM tuner won't work as well if you don't unravel the antenna wire. You may not want to because it looks neater all wrapped up out of the box but it makes a huge difference (may be why some complain the FM tuner is useless). Read the manual to learn how to name the FM stations. You must plug the two wireless adapters into the subwoofer and receiver for it to work (sounds obvious but I've read posts complaining the wireless system doesn't work). And please change the presets - don't judge the system until after you do so.

3.0 out of 5 stars Okay, July 2, 2011
Rowdy - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
I just purchased and received this sound bar from Amazon. I've only had it for 1 1/2 days, but I've watched a movie with it, tested it on others, listed to music, etc. Below are the primary pros and cons:

HDMI inputs
Wirless sub

Sub lacking in power (sound)

I like Sony products, but my biggest problem with this sound bar is that the subwoofer seems to be weak. I'd like more sound from it. It almost seems like it's not on, and I've entered the settings to adjust it to a max volume of +6. I tried out a few sound bars at best buy, and the Samsung ones appeared to be the loudest. I went with this one because I have a Sony tv, and it HDMI inputs and a wireless sub which many sound bars do not. I tried out this sound bar at a Sony Outlet prior to ordering from Amazon, and it seemed pretty good. However, now that I have it in my home it just doesn't seem to produce like it did in the store.

Amazon offered the best price I could find when you factor is free shipping. I received the item in under a week even with free super saver shipping.

Overall, at this point I do not think I would recommend this product. I'll probably stick with it instead of dealing with the hassle of repacking and returing to Amazon, and possible paying for shipping and restocking. I suggest you try out some other sound bars and decide what is best for you. I know this isn't an actual surround sound system, but I found the sub to especially be lacking. I hope this helps.

4.0 out of 5 stars Great sound bar, June 25, 2011
Jon - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
This system is excellent. If you are expecting 5.1 sound, then forget about it - this is not for you. However, if you a looking to strike a balance between (1) convencinece, (2) sound qualitty and (3) price, then this is it. Shop no further. This system has sound quality on par with the much more expensive Yamaha sound bar systems. Set up takes about 10 minutes - it will take you longer to get it out fo the box than to actually set it up. And the cost - I got mine for less thant three hundred fifty dollars. Word of advice, though, go into the menu and raise the level of the subwoofer and the center channel. I put them both on 4. Using HDMI also greatly increases the sound quality since you cannot get most of the codecs without HDMI using this system.
3.0 out of 5 stars Why the separate receiver?, August 19, 2011
TX THL (Houston, TX USA) - See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
I'll keep this short: the sound from this unit is adequate, but nothing phenomenal. I actually prefer the quality of my older Sony HT-CT150. It had better bass and clarity. This one has weaker bass and a slightly muddled sound.

Here's my major gripe though: why the external receiver? The whole point of these things is to get a decent upgrade from the understandably terrible speakers for your 1" thick television without a bunch of wires. In my case I want to wall mount with my TV. The receiver has no convenient spot on the wall and if I have it elsewhere I have to find an inconspicuous way to run the speaker wires to it.

Sony needs a unit like Samsung's with multiple HDMI connections in the speakers while keeping the wireless subwoofer (but giving the SW more punch). I like sticking with Sony components (TV, BR player) for the BraviaLink, but there is no good model for my configuration. I'd rather they ditch other unnecessary functions (FM radio, analog RCA inputs) in order to streamline the hardware.

4.0 out of 5 stars Solid sound for a good price, November 28, 2011
TylerM (Austin, TX) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
I built a built-in cabinet in my living room so we could have a television in our main room. The room is 25'x25' with 20' ceilings so it is on the larger size and with our tiled flooring, it can be a very tricky room when it comes to sound. Also, since it is impossible to run any wires around the room without some serious scaffolding and dry wall work, a sound bar makes the most sense. The wired Sony received several solid reviews, including a best buy from Consumer Reports, but I was intrigued by the wireless subwoofer as it changes the way all of the wiring is handled and presented the most simplistic solution. However, I typically spend the extra money for higher quality audio visual equipment, as I believe you tend to get what you pay for - cheap sounds cheap - so I was skeptical to begin this process. I debated about the $1,600 Bose system and some other higher end sound bar systems as I knew they would produce quality sound and despite the price difference, I would buy them, install them and be done. However, I decided to give these speakers a try first and if they didn't work out, I would take them back and drop the incremental cash.

The time from opening the box to having the speakers set up and running took 5 minutes, including hauling the box out of the room. Very simple. I run Sonos throughout my home so I also purchased a Sonos interface for these speakers. I hooked them up via the RCA jacks and immediately gave it a test sound. Underwhelmed would be the right word for my initial test. The system was 'tinty" with marginal bass. With Sonos, I can also control the equalization to the device so I played with it at the source and it still was poor at best. Also, I recalled another reviewer suggesting that the sound is configurable through the menu system, so I played around there too. It improved, but was still unacceptable. So, I started to pull it apart and began to box it back up when I also remembered a reviewer suggesting that there was a marked difference between the sound from a digital input versus an analog input. So, I switched my RCA jacks for a digital optical cable and gave it a final chance. The results are NIGHT AND DAY. The sound jumped to life and all of the earlier tinkering with the sound output needed to be dialed way down and rebalanced. With renewed excitement, I hooked up our Blue Ray player and dropped in the last Harry Potter movie and switched it over and it was great! It is not the high end $2,000+ quality, I'm sure of it, but it is extremely lively and good and fit our needs perfectly. Our room will never carry sound well enough to justify the difference. If this sound bar is in your price range, you will not be disappointed.

So my final analysis:
+ excellent sound for the price point
+ adjustable sound
+ easy to set up and use

- Works subpar for analog inputs - if that is your primary input, pass on this system.

5.0 out of 5 stars State of the art soundbar with surround effect, September 16, 2011
Alex "Researcher, Rarely Reviewer" (MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, US) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
I bought this soundbar more as an experiment after trying out Bose® CineMate® Series II Digital Home Theater Speaker System first and then Harman Kardon SB16 Soundbar and Wireless 100 Watt Subwoofer (Black) - ended up returning both. The sound quality was the best in SB16, but disappointed to learn that it had no decoders for DTS or Dolby, and needed to set the Blu-ray output to PCM.

Sony wildly exceeded my expectations - the sound quality was comparable to SB16 with amazingly rich sound from the soundbar, with a real surround effect, something I never felt in Bose or SB16. Moreover, Sony came with 3 HDMI inputs and 2 optical, with wireless sub, making connectivity a breeze. I also like the remote (that also operates my Sony Blu-ray player) and the receiver with a display for sound level (something that Bose or SB16 didn't have) and offers multiple sound fields with real difference in effect. It also has decoders for all latest audio formats - it was great to see that lighting up as 'DTS-HD Master' from Avatar blu-ray, which both Bose and SB16 couldn't play directly (unless downmixed to PCM).

It's also got plenty of options to tweak in Amp menu. Bass is not that strong as SB16, but good enough. The soundbar size is great, without covering the bottom part of the TV screen Samsung UN46D6300 46-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV (Black), unlike HK SB16, since my TV is a bit elevated in a recess.

It's almost $300 cheaper than either Bose or HK, but that was not a big driver in my decision. I was willing to pay upto $600 for a high quality soundbar without rear speakers. The only one I couldn't try out in-depth was Polk Audio Surroundbar IHT 6000 Instant Home Theater (Black), which seemed to have good reviews, but didn't have DTS decoder. I really liked HK SB16 as well, but it had too many quirks that Sony became the winner.

My only complaint is that it should've been a 3.1 like the previous generation HTCT-350, though I am quite happy with the dialog clarity now.

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid Audio System, December 3, 2011
sym007 - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sony HTCT550W 3D Sound Bar Home Theater System with Wireless Subwoofer (Electronics)
It was a tough decision trying to choose a sound bar from researching heavily through Cnet, Google and Amazon, I wanted something that had HDMI input, great bass sound, a wireless sub with wireless audio playback. Well, it came down to the Sony HT CT 150, Sony HT CT 550, LG WSB 316, and Samsung HW 450. Out of these, the HTCT550 took prominence because it had a wireless sub w/ HDMI input. Although, it had received mixed reviews from the sound, I had encountered the review by LDB which gave a thorough overview of how to configure the settings to give it a pleasing sound. I took notes on the settings and messed with it, to compare it to the other settings a man, there is a big difference! One tweak I would make is to keep 2 way channel mode on and don't use the other ones. In comparison to the other sound bars, the CT 150 had a huge subwoofer and it was wired, the HW 450 didn't have HDMI, the LG sound bar didn't either but had bluetooth which was cool, but then i discovered that you could use a Bluetooth music receiver by Belkin. Luckily, it was Black Friday sales, so I was able to get the HT CT 550 for $242 and the Bluetooth receiver for $18. I am very satisfied with my HT CT 550 sound bar. When using the Belkin receiver to play music from my MacBook and/or iPhone, the sound is phenomenal!

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Samsung Electronics HT-D550 Home Theater System


Enjoy immersive surround sound and 1080p high-definition visuals with the Samsung HT-D550 Home Theater System, which includes a DVD player, a 5.1-channel surround sound speaker set (subwoofer, center channel, and four satellite speakers), and 1000 watts of booming power. Additionally, you'll be able to connect your iPod or iPhone and listen to music or watch videos thanks to the included dock.
Samsung HT-D550 Home Theater System
The Samsung HT-D550 home theater system (see larger image).

Key Features

Syncs with an iPod or iPhone
Set your iPod or iPhone in your home theater's docking cradle enjoy your favorite songs, videos and photos on a much bigger screen. Switch songs, control the volume or go from podcasts to photos, all with your home theater remote. Your iPhone or iPod even charges while it plays.
Sync movies from PC with DivX HD
Watch downloaded movies on your TV, in all their big-screen glory. With Divx playback, your Blu-ray player can read DVDs and CDs containing Divx movie files you've downloaded to a PC-without needing an adapter.
High-definition sound with Dolby True HD
Dolby TrueHD delivers high-definition sound that's just as stunning as your TV's HD picture. With advanced lossless, multi-channel audio codec technology, you'll be immersed in sound that's identical to the studio master recording.
High-definition sound with HD Master Audio
DTS-HD Master Audio delivers sound so pure and powerful, you'll feel like you're at the original master recording. Because what you hear is identical to what the sound engineers originally laid down.
Samsung HT-D550 Home Theater System
Decreased power usage with Eco Power System
Reduce your power consumption while optimizing performance. It's a home theater system that saves energy and saves you on your electric bills.
Two-times the resolution with 1080p
With nearly twice the resolution of conventional HDTVs, the 1080p Full HD picture offers spectacular detail--rich, eye-popping colors, the highest contrasts and super-sharp, ultra-realistic images. So everything on your screen looks better than you ever imagined.
Cinematic sound with HD Audio
Feel like you're part of the action onscreen. Immerse yourself in pure surround sound with dramatic depth of detail. And don't compromise on Dolby Digital Plus sound or the high-def, uncompressed sound of DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD, which can only be played on the highest quality AV systems.
Stream PC content with Wireless LAN Adaptor
Plug an optional Wireless LAN Adaptor into the back of DVD player and play content from your PC right through it. Works with DivX, MP3 and JPEG-HD media files. PC-streaming turns your living room into the ultimate multimedia experience.


  • Total power output: 1000 watts
  • Outputs: 1 HDMI, 1 component (Y/Pb/Pr), 1 composite AV
  • Inputs: 2 component, 1 composite, 1 optical audio, iPod docking connection
  • Surround sound formats: Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II, DTS
  • Main unit dimensions: 16.93 x 9.8 x 2.1 inches
  • Subwoofer dimensions: 6.6 x 11.6 x 13.7 inches
  • Center channel dimensions: 14.2 x 2.7 x 2.9 inches
  • Satellite dimensions: 3.5 x 2.6 x 5.5 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year

What's in the Box

DVD player/amplifier; 5.1-channel surround sound speakers (subwoofer, center channel, four satellites); remote control (with batteries); iPod dock; AV cable; FM antenna; operating instructions

This review is from: Samsung Electronics HT-D550 Home Theater System (Electronics)
I bought this after returning a Sony Home theater, not knowing what to expect. I read reviews on other Samsung Home Theater Systems and most of them got poor reviews. So I was very leery about buying this. Well I was pleasantly surprised. This was alot better than expected. The size of the speakers are very deceiving. As small as they are, they still produce a wonderful sound. The system definitely sounded better once i got it home than it did in the store. This system sets up very easily. The only downfall is the length of speaker wire for the rear speakers. As with any system the wires just aren't long enough. And they have special connectors that plug into the back of the system so I had to cut and splice the wire to make them longer. But other than that this system is WONDERFUL!! Great sound just enough bass. 
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Samsung Electronics HT-D550 Home Theater System (Electronics)
Update 02/07/12:

After several months, I have found this receiver to be underpowered. The subwoofer is quite weak and produces minimal bass. Also music playback just doesn't sound good at all. It comes out too low and doesn't amplify right. I wish I didn't read good reviews on it and just spent another $100 to $150 on a Yamaha system.

Original Review:

I have this system hooked up to my 46" Toshiba LED TV. The TV controls the receiver with no programming at all. The set-up is easy. The speakers do have connectors on the end of the already which is a pro and a con. You can just strip back connectors and either solder or twist off wire to make a connection if you have wire routed through the walls like I do. The subwoofer has a decent amount of bass. One of my favorite things about this system is it doesn't eat power as a 1000W system. I had a 325W Sony System before that would heat up my room because it used so much power, but this system sounds way better and allows better energy efficiency of most systems around. I hooked my TV up to it so I can have surround sound Digital Signal when watching basic cable, playing games, or watching movies. I also hooked up my computer audio to the receiver so I can listen to music off of my computer whenever as well. It is really easy to switch audio sources and the receiver can produce Dolby sound. I feel for what this receiver cost, it was a steal for $180. I would recommend and already have to many people.

-Energy Efficiency
-Sound Quality
-Easy Set-Up
-All in One Player

-May need to cut speaker wire if rout wires through walls and ceiling

Bottom Line: I recommend this system. Great Gift Idea as well. 
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Samsung Electronics HT-D550 Home Theater System (Electronics)
This player works great. Plays DVDs, divx, mp3, etc... The Amazon description says it's wifi enabled but IT IS NOT. I was hoping to get a player that would play media off of my network, but I researched before I bought it and no other site said it had wi-fi, so I was mostly just hoping. Mysteriously, Samsung has no mention of this product on their website. Using the HDMI connection, if you turn this player on and put a disk in, my TV turns on and changes itself to the correct input. It's so easy that my 18 month old has learned how to get a movie going. The sound is great too. I had a philips home theater system before and the center channel was always too low. It was booming bass out of the subwoofer before the center channel was loud enough to hear voices. With this Samsung, the voices are clear and crisp. And the bass is great when you want it too. I really like the "touch sensitive" buttons. It's so easy to clean sticky kids fingerprints off the face. 
This review is from: Samsung Electronics HT-D550 Home Theater System (Electronics)
I really like the system and if you have a Samsung TV it's a must because it's an all in one and integrates, they did a great job in so many ways. But yes it freezes about 1x a week and is somewhat slow to find the internet, there is a Rosewill RNX-N1 Wireless-N 2.0 Dongle that works, no need to buy a Samsung one for 49.99, the price of the Rosewill RNX-N1 Wireless-N 2.0 Dongle has gone up and is no longer 19.
95, guess the demand and what's getting around, but it works perfectly, I would say Samsung has a defective product because it seems they all freeze, I thought well mine will not freeze I will be alright, but the features etc. are great, speakers are average but look great, personally for the price it's a giveaway and this system with even 3 speakers will rock over most sound bar systems, we likes the sound right out of the box, so in short know it freezes, doesn't have built in wife but has decent sound and lots of great features for a very low in my opinion price, if it didn't freeze would give it 4.5
It's a whole letter better than a Panasonic system and Samsung Sound bar that I tried
It doesnt seem from other reviews that Samsung has good support so am going to live with the freezing 
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Samsung Electronics HT-D550 Home Theater System (Electronics)
The specs had "HDMI(tm) (ARC & CEC) with Anynet+" and ordered based on the belief the home system would take HDMI. No, it only took composite, with HDMI output. While the unit was impressive in sound when hooked up, the 'no-HDMI' input feature was a showstopper for me. I elected to return the system to Amazon.

To be wireless, a $100 device has to be added to the unit and wireless speakers bought. :-(

I have a Samsung HDTV, and the HT-D550 Home Theater system worked seamless with the remote when I 'kicked the tires'. The sound was impressive on FM as well. The optical audio was an added bonus. The only shortcoming was no HDMI input, and the poorly written "wireless rear speakers" needing an attachment to the receiver. 
This review is from: Samsung Electronics HT-D550 Home Theater System (Electronics)
For the price it is ok but I would spend a little more toget a better sound. This does not come with the cable you need to get the best sound out of the system, you have to buy an optical cable so add $20.00 more to the price. 
This review is from: Samsung Electronics HT-D550 Home Theater System (Electronics)
The product was fine, but they forget to put the remote in the box. They included the manual and the batteries for the remote, but NO REMOTE!! And it's very frustrating to watch a movie without all the options. You cannot fast forward, rewind, or access any of the other options without the remote. And it's not so easy getting a remote for this device. I'm jumping through hoops here. 

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